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AE valve designs are application-specific and manufactured to OE specifications.

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AE’s valvetrain range is one of the largest, most comprehensive in the aftermarket, comprising valves, guides, cotters, seats and springs for a variety of applications, including:

  • Gasoline and diesel passenger cars
  • Light commercial
  • Heavy-duty
  • Agricultural

Whether you’re looking for phosphated or tuftrided stems or bimetallic composition (for higher-output engines), AE’s comprehensive catalog of more than 1,600 valve, guide and seat references is your resource of choice.

AE is a subsidiary brand of the Federal Mogul Corporation.


MSI Motor Service International GmbH is the sales organisation for the worldwide aftermarket activities of Kolbenschmidt Pierburg AG. MSI is a leading supplier of engine componentsfor the independent after-market, featuring premium brands KOLBENSCHMIDT and PIERBURG. As a result of taking over the distribution of replacement valves made by TRW Engine Components Group on 1st October 2005, the TRW brand has become a new addition to the range.

Valve Construction
Intake Valve

  • Mono-metallic Valve
  • Mono-metallic Valve with Hardened Valve Seat
  • Mono-metallic Valve with Stellite Facing
  • Bi-metallic Valve
  • Mono-metallic Valve with Stellite Facing
Exhaust Valve
  • Mono-metallic Valve
  • Mono-metallic Valve with Stellite Facing
  • Bi-metallic Valve
  • Mono-metallic Valve with Stellite Facing

Mono-Metallic Valve
Mono-metallic valves are made of one material. The selection of a material for this purpose is based on two requirements, i.e. high heat resistance and good anti-friction properties.

Bimetallic Valve
A bimetallic valve allows material with a highly heat resistant active ingredient (head) to be combined with a stem material that can be tempered on the one hand (stem end) and still posess good sliding characteristics for valve guidance. The materials are combined by friction welding.

Hollow Valves
Hollow exhaust valves are used primarily to lower te temperature in especially vulnerable recess areas, and are filled with sodium for this purpose.

A desirable positive side effect of this is a reduction in the weight. For this reason alone, to reduce mass, hollow, empty intake valves are used.

To achieve a reduction in the temperature of valves, about 60% of the volume of the hollowed out stem is filled with sodium and enclosed in a friction welding process. Sodium melts at a temperature of 97.5°C, has a density of 0.97g/cm³, and is an excellent heat conductor.

During engine operation the Sodium becomes liquid and is moved back and forth in the stem by inertia forces. This is what is referred to as, "the Shaker Effect". In the process the sodium transfers part of the heat produced by the combustion from the valve plate to the stem area.

There the heat is dissipated through the valve guide. This way the temperatures in the valve plate can be reduced by 80°C - 150°C.

Handling Sodium Filled Hollow Valves
The machining and cutting open of sodium filled hollow valves requires the appropriate caution. Special attention must be given to ensure that the cavity is not openend inadvertently, as sodium reacts violently to water or drilling and grinding emulsions. When sodium reacts to water, oxygen and sodium hydroxide are produced.

Examination and Disposal
Hollow valves in small quantities can be scrapped in the normal manner. There are no special instructions to folow.

If sodium filled valves have to be examined or disposed of in larger quanitites, the cavities should be opened, either by drilling holes in two places without using coolant, or by splitting the valve open in the middle.

Valves prepared in this manner are to be placed in a bucket filled with water to neutralise the noxious effect of the sodium. After the chemical reaction has run its course, the valve can be scrapped in the customary manner.

The sodium hydroxide is to be disposed of pursuant to the respective local regulations.

Safety Instructions
Becuase of the violent chemical reaction and the release of hydrogen when sodium reacts with water, the valves should be neutralised only in well ventilated rooms or out of doors.

Contact with the skin and eyes is to be avoided in a y case. Sodium should therefore be handled only by properly trained staff wearing the apprpriate protective clothing (gloves, goggles, etc.). The customary safety regulations governing the handling of abbrasive and caustic material and explosive gases are to be observed.

Stellite Faced & Hardened Seats
A great deal of thermal stress is placed upon exhaust valves in particular, which wears them down. It is therefore essential to strngthen or harden the valve seat. Intake valves in high performance engines are usually induction hardened. Pounding and wear of the valve seat is thus avoided.

The Valve Stem End
The valve actuation (rocker arm, camplate, tappets) places a great deal of stress on the end of the valve stem. To avoid wear, the valve stem ends are hardened where possible. If the valve stem steel cannot be hardened, it is either strengthened with stellite or a hardened pad will be welded to the end.


This tribological system subject to high thermal and mechanical stress also enables MAHLE to demonstrate its system competence. The extensive design and material expertise of MAHLE guarantees customer-specific, integral, functional and cost-optimized solutions which withstand the toughest operating conditions. MAHLE always looks at the complete tribological system for development work in this field.

MAHLE produces intake and exhaust valves in forged and hot extrusion versions with a broad range of materials for gasoline and diesel engines of all sizes. Depending on the stress load, valves are seat armored, hardened, nitrated or chrome-plated. A broad spectrum of high-alloy materials is available for every application. Sodium filled hollow valves are also used for particularly high thermal and mechanical loads.


Scarpa & Colombo s.r.l. has been a manufacturer of engine valves since it was founded in 1923. In 1995 we obtained the UNI EN ISO 9002; 1994 certification for our quality system. Our current productive capacity is 3.000.000 pcs per annum.

From the very beginning of our activity we have been the suppliers of customers who work in the industrial, agricultural and motorcycle field.

Over the years we have strengthened our market leadership. We have therefore become privileged suppliers for the most important European manufacturers of engines including small cylinder 4-stroke engines for scooters


Hardworking diesels need heavy-duty valves. FP Diesel is the industry-leading brand for the construction, marine, agricultural, mining, compression, trucking and industrial sectors.

FP Diesel’s valve guides, valve seats, springs and cotters are made to exacting standards at Federal-Mogul’s own OE-approved manufacturing facilities. They offer exceptional heat and corrosion resistance and high fatigue strength.

FPDiesel is a subsidiary brand of the Federal Mogul Corporation.


INTERVALVES S.A. founded in 1987, is a strong and dynamic industry whose activities are focused to production of valves for internal combustion engines.

Previous experiences in the same field have sped up the development of INTERVALVES S.A. achieving a leading position in both OEM and Aftermarket products.

Reliability, Customer Satisfaction & Continued Improvement

These are the goals we pursue with absolute determination. Our production plant in Switzerland incorporates the whole production process with the utmost care for the environment.

INTERVALVES S.A. produces nearly 2.5 million quality engine valves annually.

INTERVALVES S.A. is an ISO 9001:2000 Company certified by DNV for design, manufacturing and trade of valves for international combustion engines. Our quality system is focused to the complete Customers' satisfaction, to the continuous improvement by staff training and involvement in quality.

INTERVALVES S.A. offers all of it's know-how from initial design to final product, in order to improve the engines performance and to reduce fuel consumption with positive results for the environment. At the same time we are engaged to be a "clean-company" and we take care of minimizing the energy need as well as other resources y the absolute observance of the existing rules of the Environment & Safety.

INTERVALVES S.A. has adopted the most modern and innovative technologies in all fields of its industrial activities, whose complete production cycle is based in Switzerland at our Biasca plan
t (Svizzera). The superior quality of INTERVALVES S.A. products is the result of the continuous process of technological innovation, of the great experience of our staff and the top quality materials we use.

INTERVALVES S.A. can manage a project from the very beginning to the series supply by bringing all the know-how available and offering to the customer a valuable service of costs/performance optimization. The flexibility of our structure grants short time development times for every new project.

Thanks to the diversification of our experiences in the OEM field, we could materialize our range of Aftermarket products with technical features equivalent to the genuine parts.

The Aftermarket range of valves and their stock availability offer to our partners competitiveness and a top service level.



Kolbenschmidt Pierburg Group.
As established gloabal automotive suppliers, the companies of teh Kolbenschmidt Pierburg Group develop[ innovative components and system solutions with acknowledged competence in the field of air supply and emission control, as well as for oil, water and vacuum pumps, for pistons, engine blocks and bearings.


BGA Valves/Guides
BGA Automotive has over 8000 applications covering the majority of the UK and European cars, providing distributors and engine reconditioners with all the application and technical data they require.

  • Over 8000 applications
  • OE Quaity
  • Excellent availability

For more information call our sales hotline now on: 02476 450 777

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