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AE piston rings are supported by Federal-Mogul’s dedication to quality and integrity for both OE and aftermarket applications.

Suitable for the automotive, agricultural, marine and industrial sectors, AE rings provide:

  • Excellent durability
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Excellent heat-conducting capacity
  • AE rings are designed and built with anti-scuffing properties and resist detaching and cracking.

AE is a subsidiary brand of the Federal Mogul Corporation.


NPR is a specialized manufacturer of internal combustion engine parts and specialises in low friction piston rings that meet environmental improvement requirements.

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Narrow width 3-ring Package

Product Features

  • Reduced height pistons/blocks due to thinner contruction resulting in lighter engines.
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Wide range of fitments

NEW PVD Coated Piston ring

Product Features

  • Increased crack-resistance and durability
  • Suitable for use in Pmax engines or cooled-EGR applications
  • Boron-Cast Iron coating


With increasing temperatures, pressures and speeds, piston rings are subjected to ever greater stresses. Concepts for less wear, less friction, improved sealing and a higher fracture resistance are called for. MAHLE offers a solution.

The MAHLE piston ring program
The MAHLE product range for piston rings offers each engine the optimum piston ring or piston ring set. The broad spectrum provided comprises compression rings and oil scraper rings in all types, profiles and technologies. MAHLE piston rings are suitable for all types of combustion engines with cylinder diameters of 30 to 170 mm. They are produced from cast iron and steel using the latest technologies ? and optimized in their performance with electroplated, thermal-sprayed or other new coatings. MAHLE piston rings are equipped for every requirement: whether for reducing the flank wear, longer service intervals, better conformability to the cylinder, reducing oil consumption or reducing friction.

New coatings for less friction
MAHLE has longstanding experience in the development of coatings for higher wear resistance and scuffing resistance. A further highlight is the PVD technology perfected by MAHLE: Chromium nitrided layers enhance protection at increasing temperatures.

Developments for reduced oil consumption
The innovative use of steel enables MAHLE to achieve ever greater reductions in axial and radial ring dimensions. In general, this can lead to a further reduction in oil consumption.


Goetze piston rings, the number one name in OE and aftermarket piston rings for gasoline and diesel engines, are developed for automobile, light commercial vehicle and heavy-duty applications. Goetze piston rings, which come in a wide range of sizes, include the first ring sets introduced for Euro4-compliant engines. Manufactured to the industry-leading Goetze NormForm specifications for aftermarket conditions,

Goetze piston rings provide:

  • Maximum durability
  • High wear and corrosion resistance
  • Excellent heat-conducting capacity
  • Optimal fit

Goetze piston rings have anti-scuffing properties that promote smooth engine operation, reduced oil consumption and long engine life. In addition, the Goetze process helps prevent materials from detaching and cracking and aids in environmental protection.

Goetze is a subsidiary brand of the Federal Mogul Corporation.


Industrial performance and technological innovation have made Perfect Circle internationally famous since 1885. Perfect Circle offers car manufacturers and repair specialists a wide range of Pistons designed and manufactured to the original equipment specifications.

Sets of piston rings from Perfect Circle, the market leader in car engine technology, are synonymous with quality, innovation and service for our customers.

Reliability is demonstrated by the numerous quality certificates awarded to the factories by and heavy goods vehicle manufacturers and by the ISO 9002 certification of our distribution structure.

Perfect Circle is a subsidiary brand of the Mahle Corporation.



Kolbenschmidt Pierburg Group.
As established gloabal automotive suppliers, the companies of teh Kolbenschmidt Pierburg Group develop[ innovative components and system solutions with acknowledged competence in the field of air supply and emission control, as well as for oil, water and vacuum pumps, for pistons, engine blocks and bearings.


Every Grant piston ring that rolls off the line is designed by our Engineering staff for ease of installation and maximum efficiency over the life of the engine. Grant has complete control over the design and quality of every ring we produce. The bottom line is:
We manufacture the highest quality rings for unmatched engine performance.

Supplying rings for automotive, light truck, compressors, generators and stationary engines, we have a ring to fit your needs. Grant has well over 2000 available part numbers. We circle the globe with our coverage of American, European, Korean and Japanese applications.

Total Quality Management
Quality control isn?t just about product, but people too. Working together, we provide each other with the tools necessary to produce high quality products. From machine operators to top management personnel, everyone is involved in contributing to achieving our quality goals.

Grant Piston Rings are available in three (3) different styles:

Cast Iron Piston Ring Sets:
These ring sets contain compression rings which are manufactured to precision specifications from high grade castings. The rings are beveled on the inside top, which gives a torsional twist characteristic or relieved on the lower ridge for oil scraping characteristics. This second ring type is generally used in the second groove. Oil rings are of either circumferential design or Grant’s patented channel oil ring, both of which provide quick seating, positive oil control and long life.

Plain ring sets are identified with no prefix or a “P” prefix, e.g. 2271.020 or P2271.020

Chrome Piston Ring Sets:
These ring sets have a top compression ring that is chrome plated for resistance to wear and scuffing. High strength iron is used where applicable. Intermediate rings are of Torsional twist design. Oil rings are of either circumferential design or Grant’s patented channel oil ring, both of which provide quick seating, positive oil control and long life.

Chrome ring sets are identified with a “C” prefix, e.g. C2271.020

Moly Piston Ring Sets:
These ring sets have a top compression ring which contains a section of 100% pure molybdenum with a melting point of 4730° Fahrenheit (2610° C). This high melting point reduces scuffing; scoring and heat transfer from the piston to the cylinder block.

Molybdenum increases lubrication, improves compression and adds longer life as well as working with today’s shorter skirted pistons. The oil ring included with these sets is a three-piece circumferential design, which allows uniform unit wall pressure and efficient oil control.

Moly ring sets are identified with an “M” prefix, e.g. M2271.020

For more information call our sales hotline now on: 02476 450 777

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