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AE engine bearings are made of the highest-quality materials using the most advanced bearing technology. This combination enables AE engine bearings to transmit power, reduce friction and prevent wear on expensive engine parts.

AE bearings are economical and easy to repair in case of damage, and can be used in gasoline and diesel engines for light vehicles, trucks, buses, off-highway and agricultural applications. They offer outstanding wear resistance coupled with an excellent ability to cope with very high loads.

AE offers a full range of radial and axial bearings, including main, flanged and conrod bearings, as well as bushings and thrust washers. AE aftermarket bearings are composed of a variety of materials and are manufactured to the same quality as OE products.

AE is a subsidiary brand of the Federal Mogul Corporation.


Since the beginning of the 1900's, Glacier Vanderwell bearings and engine performance improvements have gone hand in hand.

Engine manufacturers have thus been able to benefit from unequaled know-how in the field of bearing shell and bush manufacturing and design.

Vandervell is a subsidiary brand of the Mahle Corporation.


Solid Bearings consist entirely of bearing metal. Special bronze alloys are used frequently. Most solid Bearings are bushings.

Three-component bearings consist of the steel support shell, a running layer, a block layer and the slide layer. Three-component bearings are normally used in high load engines. The sputter bearing is also a three-component bearing. The special production process (sputtering) means that these bearings have significantly greater hardness and resistance to wear. These bearings are therefore particularly suited for turbo-charged engines with intercoolers. Sputter bearings are also used in many diesel engines in cars as well as commercial vehicle engines.

In most cases, all types of bearings have additional protection from corrosion in the form of a layer of tin with which they are coated in an electolysis process.


King Ltd., located in Kiryat Gat, Israel, is a world class developer and manufacturer of engine bearings for automobiles, light and heavy duty trucks, boats, standby power and other types of internal combustion engines. It was started in Israel in 1960 and initially produced engine bearings for European applications. After some years, King Ltd. expanded its product line to include American, Japanese and Korean applications as well.

Though the years, King has developed and maintained a constant improvement philosophy concerning Customer Service, Production Techniques, and Sophisticated Bearing Design; King is now a certified ISO 9002 manufacturer, producing to the highest statistical quality control standards. King Ltd. Is a publicly traded company on the Israeli Stock Exchange.

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In 1980, King Ltd. established its USA subsidiary, King Engine Bearings, Inc. in Cedar Grove, New Jersey to distribute the high quality line of engine bearings into the U.S.A. King ships its wide range of American and Imported engine bearings from it main distribution center in Cedar Grove, NJ and ten other factory branch warehouses.

King's only product is engine bearing, and because of this specialization, it produces the highest quality bearings available in the engine aftermarket. The King line now includes OEM replacement rod, main, thrust and cam bearings and a special line of High Performance bearings.


FP Diesel is the first choice for replacement heavy-duty engine bearings, thanks to our predictive engineering, used to develop differentiated materials and product designs that will thrive in replacement applications. FP Diesel engine bearings are advanced designs, suited to specific engine performance characteristics and designed to operate under high loads and considerable heat.

FP Diesel’s comprehensive bearing range covers a wide range of heavy-duty vehicle applications. Benefits of FP Diesel bearings include:

  • Maximum durability
  • Excellent load capability
  • Resistance to wear and corrosion
  • Optimal adaptability to engine design
  • FP Diesel engine bearings help deliver like-new power and performance to any commercial engine.

FPDiesel is a subsidiary brand of the Federal Mogul Corporation.


Glyco bearings have become a top choice in the industry through a combination of leading German technology, product reliability and strong customer support. Our bearings are economical and easy to repair in case of damage. They transmit power, reduce friction and prevent wear on expensive engine parts.

Glyco offers a full range of radial and axial bearings, including main, flanged and conrod bearings. Glyco bearings are fitted as OE on more than 10 million engines — from small electric engines to heavy-duty commercial vehicles and stationary engines — around the world.

Glyco aftermarket bearings are manufactured to the same rigorous standards as our OE products.

Bimetal aluminum bearings
Bimetal aluminum bearings provide excellent wear resistance and good adaptability and “embeddability.” They also have a low propensity to seize.

Multi-layer Bearings
Multi-layer copper material provides high durability, resists seizing and has extremely good adaptability and embedding properties. Bearings made with this material are suitable for large-bore engines and heavy-duty diesel engines.

Sputtering / Sputter Bearings

A material process developed by Federal Mogul / Glyco has produced the most durable known bearing material, suited for the high load demands of diesel and gasoline crankshafts.

By bombarding a source target of aluminium-tin alloy with a high energy Argon plasma, aluminium and tin atoms are freed from the target and deposited as the running surface on specially prepared bearings.

The physical vapor deposition process produces an exceptionally uniform alloy matrix with superior wear resistance, capable of withstanding very high loads.

Glyco is a subsidiary brand of the AE Corporation.


Kolbenschmidt Pierburg Group.
As established gloabal automotive suppliers, the companies of teh Kolbenschmidt Pierburg Group develop[ innovative components and system solutions with acknowledged competence in the field of air supply and emission control, as well as for oil, water and vacuum pumps, for pistons, engine blocks and bearings.




We currently offer NDC, KIKUMOTO & ACL Race Spec. bearings for Japanese models.

For more information call our sales hotline now on: 02476 450 777

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